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Пишет нам товарищ Пол из фирмы Расплющенное Повреждение

I think during the first two commercial games that we made, I was more of a tyrannical dictator. And I think that during the process of Brink's development I learned much more to trust the talent, the people that had great ideas, let them go and iterate on them, and ultimately their execution was so much more important than that silly idea that I had at the beginning. No matter how attached I am to it, how much I believe that it was so unique and different, it just isn't worth anything.

Превед российске начальнегам.

Ну и вообще говоря, разницу в смене подхода видно невооружённым глазом. Даже интересно будет ли она такой же в цифрах продаж.
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